Friday, December 2, 2011

Alfred Baker House - 58 Wheatfield Road

Alfred Baker House - 58 Wheatfield Road
© Michael Harrison 2011

The large home at 58 Wheatfield Road (originally Robert Street) was built circa 1908 for Alfred Baker.

Alfred Baker was born in Stratford, Ontario on July 13, 1877.  He was the son of Ichabod Baker, a civil engineer with the Grand Trunk Railway and Carrie Matilda Smith.  He apprenticed with the architect Harry J Powell in Stratford in the late 1890s.  

The family later moved to Toronto and was living at 106 Cowan Avenue in Parkdale when the census taker came knocking in 1901.  By then Alfred was working as an architect for Samuel Hamilton Townsend's architectural firm at 15 Gerard Street East in Toronto.  When Townsend retired in 1930 Alfred led the firm.

In 1905 he married Isabel Sanderson of Stratford and they would have four children:  Alfred (though he went by his middle name Sanderson) (b. 1906), Isabel (b. 1909), Douglas and Catherine.

The family moved to Mimico in 1908 when their new house was ready.  Alfred Baker probably designed his new home as it seems to have a more refined look than something designed by a builder alone.  

The family lived in their Mimico home for many years.  Alfred died in 1956 and was buried in Park Lawn Cemetery.

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