Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Andrews Dods - Trinadad House - 50 Stanley Avenue

Andrew Dods (Trinadad) House - 50 Stanley Avenue
© Michael Harrison 2011

The large home at the north west corner of Stanley and Victor Avenues was built in 1912 for Andrew Dods.

Dods was born in Alton, Ontario in 1882.  He was married in Port Hope, Ontario to Mary Grace Geary on January 1, 1906.  They would have three daughters:  Marjorie (b. 1907); Catherine (b. 1909) and Mary (b. 1911).  Later after she passed away he would marry Florence Hatton.

They originally lived in the City of Toronto but moved to Mimico in about 1908.  They first lived on Station Road but moved into their impressive new house at 50 Stanley Avenue in 1912.

What brought Dods to Mimico was his job at the Ontario Sewer Pipe Company which was Mimico's largest industry located at the north end of Burlington Street.  Dods began work there as an office boy eventually working his way up the corporate ladder to became President.  In 1929 the company was sold and he took his equity stake and moved onto other ventures.  

Dods undertook a number of leadership roles in the municipal government.  When Mimico became a Town in 1911 he was appointed as the first clerk for the Town of Mimico.  He later served as a municipal councillor, and as a member of the Public Utilities Commission.

Dods was also active politically and was a member of the Conservative party.

In 1930 he was appointed as the local magistrate.  He undertook the role for four years until he was informed by the new Liberal government in 1934 that his services were no longer required.  

He died on December 27 1946 at his home and is buried in the family plot in Alton, Ontario (present day Caledon, Ontario).

The name "Trindad" over the front door is a continuing mystery that I hope to solve one day.

The building is listed on the City of Toronto's Heritage Inventory, however it is not designated under the Ontario Heritage Act.


  1. Any updates on the name "Trinidad"?

  2. Peter - thanks for your question. Nothing has come to light to date. If there is anything I will update the post.