Monday, March 14, 2011

Town of Mimico 1930

This is a map of the Town of Mimico from 1930 showing the 3 wards that the town was divided into politically.  However it is more interesting for what it shows.  It includes schools, parks, municipal buildings (Town Hall, Police and Fire Station, Public Library), important institutional buildings (churches, fraternal organizations) and commercial enterprises such as lumber yards, the vast area of greenhouses in northern Mimico, as well as local businesses.  

As you can see the main commercial area was centred on the Lake Shore Road from Superior Avenue to Mimico Avenue.  There were additional businesses located along Mimico Avenue west to Church Street.  To the north of the rail line is another commercial area on the west side of Church Street (present day Royal York Road) between Simpson and Hay Avenues, and vast areas of greenhouses to the east of Church Street.  

The Town Hall (demolished) was located on the east side of Church Street north of Mimico Avenue.  The Police and Fire Station (demolished in 2012) was located on Superior Avenue just north of the Lake Shore Road (now 13 Superior Avenue), next to Connaught Hall, the Masonic Temple.  St. Andrew's Hall is located on the west side of Church Street just north of Macdonald Street.

Miles Park is located on Miles Road east of the Lake Shore Road.

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