Monday, May 14, 2012

Mrs Gooder's Charge Plate

Mrs. Ross C Gooder's Charge Plate

I recently acquired this interesting bit of Mimico history.  An early charge plate (early credit card) for Simpson's owned by Mrs. Ross C. Gooder of 6 Lakeshore Road, Mimico.

The Gooder's lived in a one storey wooden house on the north (west) side of the Lakeshore Road (present day Lake Shore Blvd. West) just within the Mimico municipal boundary.

Home of Mrs. Ross C. Gooder

In the 1922 and 1932 Toronto city directories 6 Lakeshore Road, Mimico is listed as the home of Garnet J. Gooder, a tailor.  He must be the father of Ross C. Gooder.

In 1911 the Garnet J. Gooder family was living at 541 Gladstone Avenue, Toronto.  By 1918 they were living in Mimico but on the corner of Burlington Street and the Lakeshore Road.  They appear to have moved to the home at 6 Lakeshore Road in about 1921.

The lot where the home was located is currently vacant.  The home was demolished sometime in the past.

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