Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Nathaniel Annable House - 12 Eastbourne Crescent

Nathaniel Annable House - 12 Eastbourne Crescent
© Michael Harrison 2012

Located in Crescent Point this beautiful house was built for Nathaniel Annable in 1928 at a cost of $5000.  However its design and style made it look much older, leading to it being mistakenly identified as built in the 1850s which led to it being listed as an Etobicoke century home in the publication Sidelights of History published in 1975.

Nathaniel Annable was the son of Charles Annable and born in Salem, Massachusetts in 1891.  The family immigrated to Canada about 1917 and owned and operated the Donnell and Mudge Tannery in New Toronto.

In New Toronto In Story and Picture from 1937 the tannery is described as follows:

Back in 1918, the Donnell and Mudge tannery had its beginning in the town and through the years has grown to a leading position in the industry turning out annually millions of feet of leather of all kinds.  Reputedly one of the largest sheepskin tanners in the Dominion, the company by means of specialized processing, embossing and spray painting can turn out any number or (sic) beautifully-patterned leathers conforming with amazing exactness to the skins of all manner of animals from the shell-like rino to the fine-grained pin seal leather.  

From all corners of the world comes the hide and skins used by the company.  In the modern three storey building equipped with the best machinery available, the evil-smelling hides are transformed into the most ornate and beautiful designs with many of the leather products eventually finding their way to milday's dressing table.  Charles H Annable is the head of this well-known firm.

On June 22, 1931 Nathaniel Annable was married to Emily Mary Thornborough at St. Leo's Church.  After the ceremony and reception they went on a motor honeymoon to New England, most likely so that Nathaniel could show his new wife his old stomping grounds in Salem, Massachusetts.  They returned to live at 12 Eastbourne Crescent.

In early 1942 the Annables sold the home to EJ Bairnstow for $7,500.


  1. Emily Thornborough was my grandfather's sister. She was known as Sylvia or "Toots". Her father John Oliver Thornborough is named on the Vimy Ridge memorial in Mimico.

  2. I was recently gifted with a team photo of the 1940-41 Donnell & Mudge Hockey Club. Charles Annable was the team president and Charles Jr. was the mascot (stickboy). The team was the 1940 and 1941 Toronto Mercantile Hockey League champion. In 1940-41, Punch Imlach and Stafford Smythe were both on the team as players.

  3. Skye - could you please send me a scan of the photo?